Where is my beloved SAAS?

It’s been a long, long summer for students up and down the country – myself included – but the time has finally come to move back to the cities, settle in and get ready for another term of ‘hard work’.

Many have already moved back, I did it this weekend passed, but yet it feels like something is missing.  And I know I’m not the only one who thinks this, because this one thing is missing from every student’s lives just now.  Oh yeah, it SAAS.

SAAS, the only thing that keeps us alive.  The only thing that keeps us sane.  But also the one thing that drives us up the wall at the same time.

For those who don’t know what SAAS is… it’s basically our student loan –> http://www.saas.gov.uk/

It’s the only steady income that full-time students get throughout the year.  It pays the rent; It buys us food; It even sticks by us during the sesh; But don’t be fooled by it’s loyalty.  Because as soon as the term-time is over, and summer begins, it turns its back on you like you never existed.

That’s right.  Us full-time students have to go a staggering five months with no SAAS.  It’s just presumed that we will all move back in with mum and dad who according to the agency seem to have lots and lots of money so should be able to afford to look after us again.

Either that or we get a job.  But a job should be used to save for the next year, not to pay off living costs through the summer.

And then there’s students like me who didn’t go home.  Who still have to pay for rent, for living costs, all without any support.  If I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t have a place to stay this trimester.

It’s ridiculous that it is presumed that students only need support when they actually have classes.  Some, if not most of us, actually need it MORE during summer than we do in term-time.

Oh but there’s more!

Here we all are, moving back in now in preparation to start back at uni, and what’s happening?  We’re still waiting for SAAS to come back.

My first payment isn’t actually until next week, which means I have to go a full week and a half, without any support, but needing to buy the essentials for the flat because I’ve just got here.

The whole situation angers me, but I can’t get too angry because I know that when my beloved SAAS does return, I will fall in love with it again and I know that nothing will ever tear us apart.

Well, not until next summer comes at least.


I’m sure you all feel my pain too.  We can get through this ❤

Yours, for now,





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