So… Trump’s happening.  It’s going not too bad, huh?

Inaugurated just over a week ago, it feels like the man has been in power for a lifetime.  He’s got one of the most powerful jobs on earth – a title many describe as the ‘leader of the free world’.

The term ‘free’ has become more of a question mark than a statement following President Trump’s first week in office, though.

There’s been no beating about the bush with the President as he’s sat down and put in place many of the promises he made during his campaign for the top job.  He is a businessman after all.

In the first 10 days, he’s signed an endless amount of executive orders – laws which come straight from the President and not up through Congress – and take immediate effect once signed.

Some of these have included an order to cut off international funding from the USA to organisations who have links to carrying out abortions; an order to begin work on the wall he promised to build along the American/Mexican border; and an order to his main strategist to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS in the next 30 days.

All of these orders have outrage in their own right, but the one order that has got the entire world shouting and screaming in disgust, was his order to halt the American refugee programme.  This also put a ban on immigrants (including visitors) from eight middle eastern countries which are predominantly Muslim from entering the USA for the next three months.

Taking effect immediately, refugees who were already on their way to the USA were detained at airports, and threatened to be sent home to unsafe, war-torn countries.

One vet student from Glasgow, Dr Hamaseh Tayari, was refused to board her flight home from Costa Rica because she had an Iranian passport and her flight had a connection in New York.  Stranded, she was faced with having to pay more than £2,500 for a different flight home.

I watched as the story broke over social media late on Saturday night, and people were outraged at the whole situation.

However, it was Women for Independence who got in contact with the Dr and asked her permission to try and raise the funds to pay for her flight home through crowdfunding.

They did it. In 35 minutes.

Protests broke out at airports all across the USA – most notably at JFK International Airport – where roads were blocked, and police began to stop people from boarding the Underground because crowds were growing so fast.

The New York Governor later told police to let people through as they had a right for their voices to be heard.

Was that a wee hint that the Governor’s not a fan of the new President?

Lawyers from across the country also took up posts at airports, working pro-bono to help fight for families and refugees to be released from being detained.

The whole situation around the immigration ban sparked worldwide outrage.  It’s been the headlines on most news programmes and the main focus of many conversations.

In the UK, an ’emergency protest’ was called by Owen Jones for London, with cities up and down the country all following suit and holding their own demonstrations at the same time.

I went along to Glasgow’s protest, where not just hundreds, but thousands of people turned out to fight Trump and what has been branded the Muslim ban – considering all of the countries he’s blocked are majority Muslim.

One group began protesting on Buchanan Street before joining another group down on George Square, resulting in one giant show of solidarity, and one message that could be heard loud and clear:

“Donald Trump, get tae f*ck!”

Protestors in Glasgow were joined at the same time by groups all across the UK.

In Edinburgh, demonstrators marched from the Mound round to the Scottish Parliament, with an estimate of around 4,000 in attendance.

In Dundee, several hundred gathered to fill City Square outside the Caird Hall.

And of course, Whitehall in London was shut off to traffic from the tens of thousands of people who showed up to protest against Trump and his so called ‘Muslim ban’.

And with a state visit to the UK on the cards from President Trump, calls have been made by a majority of party leaders – including Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson to call off the invitation to Trump, as while the ban is in place, it wouldn’t be right.

More than a million people have also signed a petition against the invitation to visit too.

So the question is now, will Donald Trump continue forward with his immigration ban?  Will the courts allow it to go on? And will Theresa May actually stand up for herself and give in to calls to cancel Trump’s invitation to the UK?

Let’s all stick together, remember that we’re all human, and we’re all in this life together.

Respect to you all.

Yours, for now,



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