Resolution Ditch Day

If you haven’t already ditched your new year’s resolution, today is the day you’re most likely to do it.

Starting Uni: The survival guide!

It’s September, the summer has passed, and thousands of students are about to descend on Scotland’s cities to return to university and college. For the ‘fresh meat’ it can be quite a daunting prospect.  Moving away from home for the first time, being forced to make friends – and enemies – with people you’ve never…

VOMO TV – The station run by youths!

VOMO TV, located in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders, is an online television platform where children and young people create, record and share programmes every week, which includes their weekly news bulletin. The Scottish Borders has always been great at getting children and young people involved in projects that are not only great fun, but teach skills…

First year is over… WHAT?

As I pack my cases for heading home, I reflect back on how fast the first year (well, 6 months) of uni has gone, and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been. From walking in on day one by myself, knowing nobody else, to becoming best friends I couldn’t imagine not knowing, it’s all moved so…

Netflix: More than just an addiction.

Netflix and chill, except the chilling only happens in the relationships between me and my laptop, or more in particular my new Netflix account. It’s taken me a long time to jump on the band wagon and sign myself up to what I would call the best thing to happen to me since starting university….

Chin up, keep calm and carry on.

My life has never been a breeze.  It’s never been straight forward and at no point has it ever been easy; but then again, whose life is?

Sixth year, UCAS and exams.

One for those of you still at school this week – in particular, the people sitting day on day, wishing the next few months would hurry up and pass so they can leave already.Rewind time by a year, and I was in your position. Christmas and new year had passed, we were back at school…

Grab life with everything you have.

We’ve been off university now for a month – a whole month for Christmas, I know – but the past few weeks have given me a chance to not only relax, but take myself away from everything, just sit and think about everything. I’ve realised over the past month in particular, that life moves too…


2015: the fastest year I’ve ever witnessed, but also one of the best.  The past 12 months have brought with them a roller coaster of emotions, events, journeys and friendships.  The year equality was taken to the next level as more than 1,000 Scottish same sex couples got legally married, and the year the world…

Christmas, is that you?

At long last, the best season of the year is here.  The season where everyone comes together, where everyone is happy and where, most importantly, the year-long anticipation of Christmas songs, adverts and the Coca-Cola lorry returns! December is by far my favourite, and this year, living in Glasgow makes it that whole lot better….

Big Ken’s Journo Army: Meet the team.

Five weeks in to the first trimester of university and it genuinely feels like it’s been a lifetime.  We’ve already learned loads – journalistic stuff, life stuff, stuff.  So much has happened in such a short space of time and it feels great. What’s made the transition from school, family and home, to university, city and…

Eat, sleep, shorthand, repeat!

Three weeks in to classes, the novelty of being a fresher is slowly starting to wear off and the reality of having to actually do some work is setting in.